Dr. LM Hanna Elementary School's Parent Symposium

We are extremely excited to offer parents and caregivers the 2017 Parent Symposium at Dr. LM Hanna School.  It is an evening featuring topics and presentations including:

  • Worry Wise Parents & Kids
  • Truth & Reconcilliation -- A Call to Action
  • Social Media, the Internet and my child
  • Engaging my child in reading at home


The evening will begin a light supper and sessions to follow at 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  All sessions will take place at Dr. LM Hanna School and you get to choose which sessions you wish to attend.


There is no cost to you to attend this informative evening.  Plus, you get the opportunity to meet others from the community.


To prepare for this event, it is necessary to pre-register.  Please speak with our office or call 306.791.8594 for more details.

School Clothing Orders

Dr. LM Hanna School is pleased to offer school clothing for purchase this fall.  This year’s clothing will be screen printed with the image similarly seen here.

The clothing is provided by Embroidery Vibe and we will be offering the following clothing options.  All prices include applicable taxes.


Clothing Options


  Hoodies (Sports Grey or Forest Green)        Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                          $26.00

   T-Shirts (Grey only)                                    Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                           $11.00

   Sweats (Grey only)                                          Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                           $20.50



    Hoodies (Sports Grey or Forest Green)      Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                           $27.00

    T-Shirts (Grey only)                                         Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                           $12.00

    Sweats (Grey only)                                        Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large                           $21.50


Toque (black)                                          “Tigers” Embroidered – One Size Fits All                               $12.00


Sizing kits have been provided to the school for families for proper fitting.  Please feel free to visit the school to try sizing.

Clothing orders will be accepted until December 7th, 2016.  Orders can be made on-line by clicking the "on line" payment link.

Let's keep healthy!

It is that dreaded flu season! Regina Public Schools reminds all parents and guardians to keep students who are ill, or not feeling well, at home

While Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region recommends that any students demonstrating signs of flu should stay home for a full seven days. 

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Berrns at 791-8594.


Reading, and a love for reading, can happen for all students.  Together, home and school will engage our children in reading.  The Reading Rocket website is a great resource for teachers, parents and families.   Parents may be interesed in the link "Reading Tips for Parents".  It is great for many reasons including that it is translated into 11 additional languages.  Check it out! 


Reading Tips for Parents of Babies

Reading Tips for Parents of Toddlers

Reading Tips for Parents of Preschoolers

Reading Tips for Parents of Kindergarteners

Reading Tips for Parents of First Graders

Reading Tips for Parents of Second Graders

Reading Tips for Parents of Third Graders 



Report Card Day/Three Way Conferences

It is important to discuss, monitor and celebrate the growth and achievement of our students and children.  On Friday, November 20th, students will recieve their progress reports to help spark this discussion.  Then, Friday, November 27th, three way conferences will be held at the school.  Please check your scheduled time for conferences.  We look forward to seeing you then!  

Winter Concert

Just want to give a big shout out to ALL STUDENTS who assisted behind the scenes and those who performed!


You all did a fantastic job and are ROCK STARS!



To kick off the year students made art folders. The grade 5's learned all about zentangles and created a zentangle on one side of their art folders which had to include zentangling their names.



The grade 3/4's were to do inner self portrait items (10-20) on one side of their folder.

Then start off the year my students in G.1-5 are learning about the elements of visual art, beginning with the element of line....


The Kindergartens have been exploring phys. ed and dance. They're currently collaborating with me in creating a contemporary dance piece from a poem about transitioning from Autumn to Winter. We will be presenting this dance piece at our Winter Concert!


stay tuned for more...

CHOIR schedule and music

Good evening all. As promised here is some information about our schedule and the music for you to practice for the Remembrance Day assembly!


Choir schedule:


Tuesday, October 18 (Day 1)

Tuesday, October 25 (Day 1)

Tuesday, November 1 ( Day 1)

Tuesday, November 8 (Day 1)

Thursday, November 17 (Day 1)

Thursday, November 24 (Day 1)

Thursday, December 1 (Day 1)

Thursday, December 8 (Day 1)

Thursday, December 15 (Day 1)

Thursday, January 5 (Day 1)

Thursday, January 12 (Day 1)

Thursday, January 19 (Day 1)

Thursday, January 26 (Day 1)

The Music "We Honor You"



Rocks and Minerals Scavenger Hunt

Indigo Adopt a School

This year Dr. Hanna is participating in the Indigo Adopt a School program.  It's our chance to win $10,000 in free books!  You can vote for free daily by clicking the link.  If you are able to make a $12 donation, our school immediately gets books and we get 10 votes!  Please help our students to get $10,000 in free books.

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