Smudging - Day 4 at 9:00am

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At Dr. Hanna School, we smudge every day 4 at 9:00am! If you're child is wanting to participate in smudging, please complete the consent form and return to school (this does NOT need to be signed every year).  Regina Public Schools supports the belief that the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and Indigenous knowledge is of benefit to all students.  See below for more information about smudging!

What is Smudging?

  • Smudging is a cleansing ceremony practiced by Indigenous peoples;
  • People smudge certain regalia, such as drums, themselves, room/area, and other items;
  • Participation in smudging is voluntary – if you do not wish to or are unable to participate in smudging, you may step back or not stand up.
  • One or more of the natural plant medicines are burned: Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, and Sweet grass;
  • Smudging happens when hosting an Aboriginal community event, meeting and/or inviting Elder(s)/Knowledge Keepers or Aboriginal artist(s) to schools;

Why is a Smudging Conducted?

  • To bring about a sense of grounding, direction and connection;
  • To see, feel, think and act with clarity;
  • To help create a positive mindset;
  • To cleanse/purify a person, place or object of negative energies, feelings or thoughts.

How is a Smudging Conducted?

  • Natural medicine(s) will be burned in a natural vessel – clay bowl, abalone shell, etc.
  • A feather or hands are put in the smoke which is then brought onto the body;
  • Participants may remove any metal (rings, watches, glasses, etc.) prior to the smudging.