Halloween at Dr. Hanna

On Friday October 30th students are invited to dress up for Halloween. Students may wear a costume or Orange and Black.

  • Grades 4-8: NON-MEDICAL   MASKS   (OR   MEDICAL)   MUST   BE   WORN   AT   ALL   TIMES. 
  • All other  masks  ARE   NOT   ALLOWED.  
  • All   costumes   must   preserve   the   dignity   of  the   child  –  this   means   that   racial  costumes, costumes   that  are   too   revealing  or   are   sexual   in  nature   are   not   acceptable.  
  • ACCESSORIES   ARE   NOT   ALLOWED this   year.  Teachers   or   staff   members   may   ask   you   to  remove   your   costume   accessories   due   to  inability   to   use   items   properly   or   inappropriate  wear.  
  • Halloween   “fun”   will   only   be   permitted   at   certain   times.   We   will   still  ATTEMPT   TO   ENSURE   that   our   regular   learning   schedule   takes   place.  
  • PARTICIPATION   IS   OPTIONAL.   Students   do   not   have   to   dress   up   if   they   so  choose   or   for   religious   reasons. Students can   also   wear   orange   and   black   if  they   so   choose.  
  • All   Halloween   candy   will   be  ENJOYED   AT   HOME  and   will  NOT be   brought   to  school   after   Trick -or-Treating.